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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Interview with Ambrosia's Jeff Champlin
7:50 AM | Anthony Wang | 4 comments

Macsimumnews has posted an interview with Ambrosia's John Champlin. In this interview, they discuss how a developer can earn a living in a Mac market and future developments.

Alf: Slava Karpenko wrote some time ago an article dubbed “Shareware is dead”. But you still use the shareware business model. Is it still performing well?

Champlin: In the age of Bit Torrent, P2P transfers and high speed Internet I don’t see how it could be thought of as “dead.” It seems to be the true spirit of the web itself, and the society that has grown up using it. We, as shareware publishers, encourage users to copy the products and give them to their friends! Asking that they pay only if they decide to keep the product. I don’t believe that shareware will ever die, because ultimately, you (the end users) decide whether shareware authors will continue to distribute low-cost, high-quality software as shareware.

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Macsimumnews - Ambrosia Interview
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