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Friday, June 23, 2006

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Mac Beta of Warsow Released
7:19 AM | Anthony Wang | 15 comments

Warsow, a fast paced action shooter with an emphasis on movement and tricks, has been released for the Mac. According to the official Warsow forums, dedicated individuals have ported the latest version of the game to the Mac for both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Warsow is a standalone game based on Qfusion, a modification of the Quake 2 game engine. The game features cartoonish cell shaded characters with a power-up system to provide fast-paced gameplay.

- This files contains only the binary and not the game data. You need to download the Linux or Windows full package and copy the basewsw files.
- r_custommode, r_customwidth and r_customheight cvars allow custom resolutions. (don't forget a vid_restart after setting the cvars)
- Menu-Music doesn't work, yet. If you really want the music to work you can create a symbolic link to your libvorbisfile.dylib in the warsow directory. The library is also contained in the .app bundle, but isn't loaded from there, yet.
- No dedicated server .app available, yet. It's somewhat complex to provide a .app bundle for an console application. (I'll have a look at sdl-console in the coming days)
- The wswBrowser doesn't work as the warsow path is hardcoded and can't start .app bundles. By linking Warsow.app/Contents/MacOS/warsow to the Warsow root directory it should work even it doesn't use the pretty app-icon, then.

Thanks to gh3 for testing the app and compiling the i386 part of the universal binaries.

I plan to upload a full release (including the game data) tomorrow.


In addition, here are the steps to install the game if you are having trouble:
- Download the full release for Linux or Windows
- Extract the downloaded full release
- Download the Macintosh DMG
- Open the Macintosh DMG
- Copy the Warsow.app into the warsow directory
- Copy the contents the basewsw included in the DMG into the warsow/basewsw directory
According to the latest forum posts, there are still a few problems with the latest release, but the Mac developers who ported the game are on it and are looking for the fixes. Please click on the links below for more information.

Quake 3 Warsow - Mac Forum
Download Q3: Warsow for Mac

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