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Monday, June 19, 2006
Big Bang Brain Games in Development
10:44 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

A recent developer profile posted at the Unity site features Graveck Interactive. Among other projects, Graveck is currently working with Freeverse to expand on the Big Bang Board Games series, with a spinoff series titled the Big Bang Brain Games. Aiming to introduce a superior version of Sudoku for the Mac, the collection will also include a memory matching game, a Minesweeper-inspired game, and three other titles designed to get the brain working.

Another title currently being worked on by Graveck goes by the title Papa Pizza Patrol. Based on the very old-school arcade title Moon Patrol, Papa Pizza Patrol features the ability to pull tricks while delivering pizzas:

It started as a game with 2D graphics and my own engine. When we found Unity we saw that we could make it much more special. Now it's supercharged pizza delivery, side-scrolling style, with some really pretty visuals. You deliver pizza in your all-terrain pizza wagon across different worlds... while doing tricks off jumps, getting ahead of competitors, and hungry aggressors off your back. Did I mention hang glider powerups? It's how Moon Patrol should have been if the computer horsepower was available at the time.
The profile also covers Graveck's development process, including applications used for creation and various development obstacles.

Unity Developer Profile: Graveck Interactive

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