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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Rand Miller Discusses Uru Live
9:30 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

After suffering cancellation in 2004, Uru Live recently returned from the dead due to a partnership between Cyan Worlds and Turner Broadcasting's new Gametap service. Uru Live will offer Myst fans the chance to explore Cyan's universe in a massively multiplayer online format.

MMORPG.com has posted an interview with Cyan's Rand Miller about the upcoming game's content.

MYST was a very immersive game for players, how well do you feel it will translate to an online experience?

Rand Miller:
Uru is even more immersive. Think of ever expanding Myst ages that can be explored in real-time 3D with friends. In a live online experience there is opportunity to offer a much more "real" experience - the world itself comes alive. That living aspect happens in two primary ways. First is the idea of other real people that bring an unpredictable aspect to the adventure. There are other people taking the journey that I can share the experience with. And secondly (and just as important) is the idea of this world being dynamic. Because we have an online connection, the world is changeable and alive. New places can be added, old places can change.
The key is that every time I visit the worlds of Uru, I'm excited about what I might find.

MMORPG.com: What game features from the classic MYST series can players expect to find? Will there be lots of puzzles?

Rand Miller:
Uru of course will have puzzles that follow the Myst legacy. But because it's so vast and dynamic there is room to add other forms of gameplay and entertainment. There is potential for competitive play, as well as skill-based, and even simple social oriented games. In addition there is a story that flows in and around everything in Uru.

At the moment the game is only being developed for the PC. The Uru Live FAQ offers Mac gamers the following:
Q. Will there be Mac support?
A. While we always hope for Mac compatibility, this is yet to be determined.
To read the rest of the interview and check out the Uru Live site follow the links below.

MMORPG.com: Uru Live Interview
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