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Friday, June 9, 2006
Intel on Possible ATI/AMD Merger
6:59 AM | Eddie Park | 1 comment

Reporting from Computex 2006, hardware site TweakTown has posted an article on a possible stance by Intel concerning rumblings of a possible future merger between graphics chip maker ATI and proccessor maker AMD. Citing a "trusted and reliable anonymous source," TweakTown notes that Intel is in discussions about the merger, and considers it to be a very real possibility.

The article also lists some possible effects of such a merger, including pressure on nVidia's chipset line:

For starters, the newly formed company would have the expertise to create (better) chipset platforms for AMD processors and we imagine nVidia would find themselves getting much less engineer design support from AMD than they do now when it comes to creating new AMD processor based chipsets. This could result in things such as nVidia chipsets coming out after AMD / ATIís own chipset or the newly formed company being less willing to help nVidia create the caliber of nForce chipsets which we are use to seeing these days.
The article also notes current caveats, including the fact that nVidia currently manufactures noted AMD processor-based chipsets as well as Intel's upcoming line of Conroe processors.

TweakTown - Intel considers AMD and ATI merger likely

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