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Thursday, June 8, 2006
IMG Interviews Peter Tamte
12:38 PM | IMG News | 1 comment

IMG's Michael Phillips recently had a chance to chat with Peter Tamte, founder and president at Destineer Studios, the parent company of MacSoft, a top publisher in Mac gaming. In the interview, Michael and Peter cover topics ranging from original Mac game development to Boot Camp's affects on big budget game ports.

Here's a clip:

MP: Destineer/MacSoft released Close Combat: First to
Fight simultaneously for the Mac, PC and XBox. How was that
experience? Will you be doing more of such releases?

PT: The original games we have under development will ship
simultaneously on the Mac, as well. And, keep in mind that even though First
to Fight was our very first internally created game, it was still a Top-10
Best-seller on Xbox the month it shipped (which is very rare for a
developer's first game), and it also won Macworld Magazine's Hall of Fame
award. You should expect our next games to be even stronger.

For the rest of this interview, just saunter on down to the link below.

IMG Interview: Peter Tamte

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