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Wednesday, November 1, 2000
Guide to Emulation
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Games.macnn.com has posted a Guide to Emulation Gaming which reveals how to enjoy the arcade hits of yesteryear on your own Mac. From console titles to arcade classics, almost any vintage game you can recall can be played on the Mac platform through the miracle of emulation. Here's an excerpt from their guide:

Thanks to emulation gaming, any game written for any platform can live on. Even the most obscure games from your past are playable with the right software and programs for your Mac. Simply put, an emulator is a program written for a computer that impersonates the hardware and software functions of another machine, much like Connectix's "Virtual PC" which impersonates PC hardware on your Mac to allow you to run Windows. With the right programs, your Macintosh can run the functions of game consoles (like older Nintendo/Sega systems, the Atari and the Coleco), making it possible to run programs written for these machines.
Be sure and check out the rest of this guide for more details. Macgamefiles.com is a great place to look for emulators and their updates.

Guide to Emulation Gaming

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