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Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Apple Posts 3rd-Party Game Engine Look
7:45 AM | Eddie Park | 9 comments

A recent article posted under Apple's Developer Connection site takes a look at several 3rd-party game engines used to develop games under and for OS X. Included in the lineup are the Torque Game Engine, the Torque Game Builder, Unity, and PTK.

Each engine is examined in brief, with info consisting of notable titles created, supported systems, and inherent strengths. For example, here's a piece from the Unity portion:

The Unity game engine (version 1.5 is in Beta as of June 2006) is built around an integrated, extensible editor that handles almost every aspect of your game development. The editor can seamlessly import 3D models and art assets from many major modeling and drawing packages with live updating so you can bring in almost any content you can find or create. The engine itself supports advanced shader technology with full-screen effects and has built-in physics and networking.
The article also has a quick summary table that compares important info such as development languages, supported platforms, and the availability of universal binary tools.

ADC - Developing Games on Mac OS X Using Third-Party Game Engines

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Archives  News  Apple Posts 3rd-Party Game Engine Look