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Tuesday, June 6, 2006
Peter Tamte Discusses Boot Camp
6:07 AM | Cord Kruse | 19 comments

In a short Q&A with Your Tech Weblog Peter Tamte, President of Macsoft's parent company Destineer, answered questions about the impact of Boot Camp on Mac gaming. While the ability to boot into Windows XP with an Intel Mac raises concerns for the entire Mac gaming industry, Tamte sees possible new opportunities as well.

There’s no question that Boot Camp will grow Apple’s market share. In fact, I think it will cause a huge increase in market share for Apple, especially for Powerbooks. So, this increase in market share will give us more Mac people to whom we can sell our original content.

Second, it’s not yet clear how many existing Mac customers will choose to run Windows on their Macs. Clearly, many core gamers will choose to do this so they can run new games immediately when they come out for Windows. But, most Mac owners prefer to use a Mac and live in Mac OS, which is why they spent the extra bucks to buy a Mac.

Tamte also mentioned that Macsoft would be announcing a "major new Mac game" in the coming weeks. To read all of his comments click on the link below.

Your Tech Weblog: Are Mac Games Relevant?
Destineer Studios

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Archives  News  Peter Tamte Discusses Boot Camp