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Thursday, June 1, 2006

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Atari Explains End Of Support For NWN
7:48 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

In response to questions about their decision to drop support for Neverwinter Nights and its premium module content, Atari's PR department has issued a reply to FiringSquad. Avoiding direct mention of the premium modules axed by their decision, a central aspect of fan outrage, the response has been described by fans as more of a press release for the upcoming Neverwinter Nights 2.

Here's a bit of Atari's response:

The vast majority of Neverwinter Nights mods in development are by the mod community, and the current and future development of modules, conversions or add-ons planned for Neverwinter Nights will continue to be supported.

Atari understands the importance and popularity of the mod community, which has supported the Neverwinter Nights franchise for years. Atari remains as committed to the franchise and the growing members of the community as ever and we’ve still got quite a bit more news in-store for everyone between now and September. Our goal is to make Neverwinter Nights 2 one of the most compelling RPG experiences seen in years by also making it one of the most mod-friendly games ever.

Check out IMG's earlier coverage for more about Atari's decision. Head on over to FiringSquad at the link below to read the rest of the response.

FiringSquad: Atari Responds
IMG: NWN Support Pulled By Atari
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Archives  News  Atari Explains End Of Support For NWN