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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Applelinks: Mystic Inn
7:56 AM | Anthony Wang | 1 comment

Applelinks has posted an overview of Mystic Inn, an arcade game from Big Fish Games. In Mystic Inn, gamers play as a hostess who is trying to break a spell by selling food and drinks to the ever growing number of customers.

At the beginning of each level, a party of customers will arrive at the hostess station. Daphne seats them. They order. She takes their order. Their order arrives at the bar. Daphne retrieves their order. She serves the customers. They leave. She retrieves their payment. Repeat.

Again, this doesn't sound like much, but as the number of customers and tables starts to grow, and as their orders (potions, defined by color) become more complex, and as the owl arrives for takeout orders, and as dragons come to steal the potions, things start to get quite frantic. You'll find yourself juggling multiple parties at once, queueing up your next steps as you try to stay on top of the impatient customers.

Please click on the links below to read the overview and to learn more informaiton.

Applelinks: Mystic Inn
Big Fish Games
Mystic Inn

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