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Monday, May 22, 2006
Use an XBox 360 Controller On Mac
7:36 AM | Eddie Park | 5 comments

For those looking for more USB gamepad options for their Macs, Colin Munro of has developed an OS X driver for the Xbox 360 gamepad. The driver includes support for the Apple Force Feedback library and comes with a preference pane with basic support.

For those interested in his findings, Munro has also put up a page listing the USB information of the controller, including values and so forth:

I have created a MacOS X userspace USB program to experiment with the controller, and so far have concentrated on interface 0 (based on this page I believe the others may be things like a USB hub). It is simple enough to read the 'in' pipe and receive packets regarding the state of all buttons and axis on the device.
The driver is free to download, though PayPal donations are accepted. In addition, those interested in trying this out should make sure that they pick up a wired Xbox 360 controller, though Munro notes that Microsoft has announced they will be releasing a USB dongle sometime in the future to allow PCs to use the wireless controller. - Xbox 360 Controller

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