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Friday, May 19, 2006

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Shadowbane Still Alive
1:27 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Readers may recall earlier news concerning Shadowbane, which noted the impending closure of developer Wolfpack Studios and the subsequent news that only a few weeks of play were guaranteed for the game. However, according to a recent news entry by MMORPG.COM, SB will continue to thrive under a new company called Stray Bullet Games, which is essentially Wolfpack Studios reformed under a new name outside of Ubisoft's umbrella.

MMORPG.COM credits Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg's blog as the main source for this information, which explains that Ubisoft is currently contracting Stray Bullet Games to continue maintaining SB. In addition, they plan on working on a new MMORPG as well:

What will it be? Well, it is much too early to say and it is something we are discussing internally as to what exactly we want to do. I will be blunt and say we will not be doing Shadowbane 2. The publishing and intellectual rights are not owned by Stray Bullet Games and we will, more than likely, make an original title. With that said, we plan on doing what we do best so it wouldn’t be unthought-of to expect player-vs.-player and strategic combat. And while the implementation and specifics may differ, the aspects I talk about in my (crazy) sandbox idea Dominion, such as an in-depth political system, territorial and economic control systems, and character building with meaning are echoed by everyone at Stray Bullet Games.
Dahlberg adds that a new website for SBG will be forthcoming, which will contain more information and press release regarding the current and future projects.

MMORPG.COM - New Home: Stray Bullet Games
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