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Monday, May 8, 2006
Population Problems Plague World of WarCraft
7:56 AM | Anthony Wang | 1 comment

BBC has posted an article on persistent problems in World of WarCraft and how Blizzard is attempting to fix them. These problems revolve around connection glitches, sluggish performance, and server loads due to the influx of millions of gamers playing the popular mmorpg.

These tiny delays often occured at the most inconvenient times, said Mr Woleslagle. For instance, he said, they could mean that healing spells were not cast in time and player-controlled characters got overwhelmed by foes.

"It's no secret that Blizzard's a victim of its own success," he said adding that the game maker was "tight-lipped to the point of creepy" about the problems.

Mr Woleslagle said some of the problems were caused by poor management of the numbers of players on each server - each one of which is a copy of the Warcraft world.

Please click on the links below to read the article and learn more information.

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