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Monday, April 24, 2006
Interactive Fiction History
10:37 AM | Eddie Park | 1 comment

Moby Games has an article titled Something about Interactive Fiction that focuses on one of the oldest gaming genres in computer game history. Also known as text adventures, interactive fiction titles have kept many players busy since the 70s, and continue to be a source of interest today.

The article follows a chronological path, noting the use of the two-word parser, the beginnings of the venerable IF title Adventure, and the subsequent rise to power of Infocom and its flagship Zork series.

The three Zork games (Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (1980), Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz (1981), and Zork III: The Dungeon Master (1982)) represent three of the thirty-five interactive fiction games released by Infocom. Infocom was the industry leader and, as Montfort points out, the creators of "practically all the best-loved IF works."
Also discussed in the article are more current contributions to the IF genre, including the Mystery House Taken Over project, and the use of IF for purposes other than strict gaming.

Moby Games - Something About Interactive Fiction

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