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Thursday, April 20, 2006

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IMG Previews WingNuts 2, New QuickTime Movies
12:40 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 2 comments

IMG has posted a hands-on preview of WingNuts 2, the sequel to the popular arcade shooter from Freeverse Software. included with the preview are four excellent QuickTime movies taken from the game.

Here's a clip from the preview:

As WingNuts 2 opens, you are flying around in your highly experimental super-jet, taking pot-shots at hot air balloons to help keep your reflexes sharp as you guard the temporal prison that houses the evil Baron. Just as you are about to take out the last of the extremely dangerous balloons, the world around you goes a bit blurry, and before you know it, you are caught smack-dab in the middle of an attacking squadron of World War II-era planes and bombers. Luckily, the classic fighters are little match for your fully upgraded super jet. Once you dispatch the planes, something appears and starts attacking the temporal prison. This machine, tentacles waving about, seems to be devouring the prison. But, as you attempt to destroy this latest threat, the machine draws the plane into its open maw. Luckily, you ditch just in time to watch the machine, your jet, and the prison disappear into a time warp.
To check out the entire preview, please follow the link below.

IMG Preview: WingNuts 2
Buy WingNuts 2: Raina’s Revenge

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Archives  News  IMG Previews WingNuts 2, New QuickTime Movies