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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Aspyr On Boot Camp, Development News
9:03 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 25 comments

Aspyr this morning posted the April edition of their monthly newsletter. In it, Aspyr provides interesting comments on Apple's recent release of Boot Camp, which allows owners of Intel Macs to dual boot into Windows and Mac OS X. The company also gives a status update on some of its upcoming games.

First, here's what Aspyr had to say about Boot Camp:

Many have asked us here at Aspyr about the recent Boot Camp announcement
and its impact on Mac gaming and our company. Our stance is pretty simple
and comes from experience: The more hardware Apple sells, the more Mac
games we will sell. Apple's recently announced OS feature, Boot Camp, is
sure to sell more machines. After 10 years of developing games for the
Macintosh we've learned that things change, industries evolve and that we
must anticipate it and grow. We consider our ability to be quick and
nimble a competitive advantage. These changes are the kinds of things we
crave because it means things are getting better for the consumer. After
all, when was the last time you heard people talk this much about Mac

Aspyr will continue to focus on 3 things:

1. Ship native Mac games as quickly as possible.
2. Deliver the best gaming experience and best support possible for our
Mac customers.
3. Offer even more choices to Mac gamers.

We'll let you in on our future plans and products later in the year.

Aspyr's leadership in the Mac gaming market is important to us, as is our
commitment to being a great publisher for all video game platforms. With
titles such as Dreamfall, Spellforce(TM) 2 and Gothic(TM) 3, we're
fulfilling our vision to deliver an incredible entertainment experience to
the world. We do not fear change; we anticipate it and kiss it right on the
lips. So pucker up Boot Camp.

Aspyr also provides some development news on some of their upcoming games, including the SMP patch for Quake 4, a universal binary patch for Civilization 3 Complete, and an update on Civilization IV and Call of Duty 2:
Quake 4(TM) Mac has shipped, and we are very close to releasing our SMP
patch, which will add dual core support to the game. On our benchmarks on
the Intel-based iMac, we are seeing 20-40% speed increases in frame rate
with the extra processor! Other updates to our existing games include the
Sims(TM) 2 Mac Universal patch, which should be released by the time you
read this. A patch for Civilization® 3 Complete Mac to make it Universal
should also be available.

In development news, Civilization® IV Mac is in testing, and the game has
come together nicely. Performance is solid, and even our early test
builds appear to be very stable. It will be shipping as Universal out of
the box, similar to Quake 4(TM) and Call of Duty® 2 for Mac.

To check out the full newsletter and to subscribe, follow the link below.

Aspyr Media
Aspyr Newsletter

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