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Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Overclocking the MacBook's X1600 in WinXP
9:06 AM | Eddie Park | 7 comments

For those that haven't yet heard the news, various owners of the MacBook Pro that have been tinkering with Boot Camp have successfully been overclocking their ATI X1600s by using ATITool in WinXP. Word is that Apple's current driver keeps the X1600 underclocked compared to similar PC setups, and folks have since then been using ATITool to boost performance in graphics applications.

Accelerate Your Mac has started a running thread of reader reports regarding the overclocking. Initial reports vary, with one user reporting instability issues when clocking past a certain spec.

Acutally it is a quite strange overclocking experience to me , because on most desktop graphics cards, it may get glitch on the screen if you push the card too much before the system crashes. However on my MBP's X1600, it will run perfectly without any glitch at 460 / 360, but when I set it to 470 / 370, the system became very unstable and crashes.
As always, those interested in overclocking are cautioned against the usual issues, including overheating and increased power usage. On the Mac side of things, AYM has sent an inquiry to the maker of ATICellerator II to see if an update is forthcoming for the X1600.

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Archives  News  Overclocking the MacBook's X1600 in WinXP