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Monday, October 30, 2000

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Black & White Q&A
8:31 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Italian site Game ON has recently talked with Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, the man behind the upcoming genre-busting sim game Black & White. They have posted the results of this interview (thankfully in English), which covers a variety of topics surrounding the complex game. Since this is a game which is difficult to summarize, here's Molyneux's description of Black & White:

Black & White as a single player game is a fantasy role playing game where you play the role of god and where the whole world and everything in it changes to reflect the sort of god you are. Within this world, you also have the ability to nurture and give any personality you like to your creature.
The creature (or titan, as they're also called) is an amazing animal which will actually mimick the sort of behavior you demonstrate. For more on the 'extra' features of the title, here's another excerpt from the interview:
JP: Having witnessed a few presentations of the game, I`ve been mostly impressed by the "extensions" of the Black & White world into the real world, or more precisely into the player`s computer. Please describe how this happens and to what degree.

PM: One of the delights of making games is the ability to do things outside of the game, as you can make it all seem more real if you can connect it to bits of the outside world. Some of the ways we have done this, in no particular order: using the player`s Outlook Contact List to give names to the villagers, allowing the weather in the game to reflect the weather outside your window, instant messaging in the single player game, and getting your creature to like the same music as you and to hate the same music as you. At this late stage, I am hoping to include the function for your creature to e-mail you if he`s feeling lonely, although some people think this might get aggravating.

Aggravating or not, he definitely has a fresh vision of what a video game should be. The Q&A is accompanied by two pages of screen shots, so be sure to take a look at those as well. Black & White has been delayed for the PC until the Spring of next year. We've heard many rumors of a Mac port in progress, and will let you know of any official announcements that are made.

GameON Black & White Interview
Feral Interactive
Lionhead Studios
Black & White

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