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Thursday, April 6, 2006
Should Microsoft Just Buy Apple?
7:49 AM | Anthony Wang | 18 comments

Even though the idea of Microsoft acquiring its archrival Apple seems a longshot, anything seems possible to a few publications after Apple released its dual booting software, Boot Camp to allow both Mac OS X and Windows XP operating systems to run natively on the Intel Macs. A few websites, such as New York Times, Tech News World, and CNET have posted articles on the possibility of the situation.

From the NY Times:

Imagine if Coca-Cola agreed to stock Pepsi in its vending machines.

While not a totally apt comparison, it begins to convey the upside-down sensation that came with Wednesday’s announcement that Apple Computer has introduced software that will allow the simple installation of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system on Apple’s newest computers.

And now that we are thinking the unthinkable, here is one more: What if Microsoft decided to buy Apple?

It is a crazy-sounding notion that was floated earlier this week in an opinion piece in TechNewsWorld. Though it still seems absurd on its face — the antitrust concerns could make such a deal dead on arrival — the idea might be worth revisiting in light of Wednesday’s news that Macs are about to become a much more comfortable home for Windows.

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