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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Ageia Launches "PhysX" Physics Processor
8:04 AM | Evan Holt | 7 comments

Ageia has finally officially announced their PhysX physics processor according to TG Daily. Ageia won't manufacture the PhysX cards themselves, but license the technology to card manufactureres instead. ASUS and BFG have already announced that they will bring these cards to the PC platform and with partners such as Destineer and Aspyr, hopefully we will see this come to the Mac.

Follow the link below to see some interesting in-game screen shots of how the physics processor can help games. Napalm flows down over walls and staircases, fabrics sway in the wind and a gravity grenade pulls nearby objects towards it before exploding outward. Exciting things to come for sure by creative minds that will harness this technology.

If you take a situation from a first person shooter of today, a player could throw a grenade at opponents and miss by a few feet. This miss might cause some damage to the opponents but nothing more. However, the explosion could have damaged the structure the opponents were hiding in so that it fell down and buried them. Such interaction, Ageia believes, will change the strategy of gameplay as well as immersion for the player.
Prices for the card are expected to range between $100 to $400 U.S.

TG Daily: Ageia Announces "PhysX" Physics Processor

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Archives  News  Ageia Launches "PhysX" Physics Processor