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Monday, March 20, 2006
Nvidia Announces SLI-Accelerated Physics
8:07 AM | Evan Holt | 22 comments

TG Daily has posted an article regarding nVidia's announcement of SLI-Accelerated Physics.

Hardware accelerated physics boards were labelled as a niche market a year ago when Ageia announced the PhysX physics processing unit, however now competing companies are bringing forth their own technology.

Nvidia is first to introduce the feature to the market: Called "SLI Physics," the feature will offloads physics calculations from the CPU to the graphics processor and promises to bring movie-type effects from crashing cars and speeding bullets to the PC screen - all with smooth frame rates.

Both ATI and Nvidia have been quiet about their physics strategy in recent months. But with ATI's recent explanations around "dynamic load balancing" and Nvidia's SLI Physics, the direction has become clear: Multiple graphics processors provide plenty of excess floating point capability to run more than just graphics and overcome the limitations of the main processor of a computer system. Physics appears to be the first and major new application graphics chips will be aiming for.

Although SLI technology has yet to come to the Macintosh platform, this technology may still trickle down:
Nvidia officials told TG Daily that owners of single-GPU systems will still see "some benefit," but couldn't provide more detail at this time.
Hardware Accelerated Physics will hopefully come to the Mac one day from either Ageia, nVidia or ATI, but for the time being, you can read up on nVidia's announcement following the link below.

TG Daily: nVidia SLI-Physics

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Archives  News  Nvidia Announces SLI-Accelerated Physics