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Friday, March 17, 2006

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Minions of Mirth Q&A Part 2
8:27 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

RPG Vault has posted the second part of an interview with Josh Ritter of Prairie Games about the company's RPG, Minions of Mirth. The game is a unique combination of single player adventuring and massively multiplayer online gaming. The interview delves into the game's features, including discussion of items, guilds, and quests

Jonric: What are the key features and elements of the quest system? Are there many of them, how are they obtained, and what kinds of rewards do they offer?

Josh Ritter: All of the game's quests are scripted by hand, and many of them have multiple stages. The two main quests take you from level 1 to 50 and span the game's zones. There are numerous other class-based and optional side quests. Quest rewards are varied and meaningful, including presence, skills, spells, equipment, and monster templates.

Quests are generally acquired from NPCs. There are also "interactive objects" in the game, which may have quests attached to them, such as an obelisk or coffin. The game features a quest journal and critical quest locations are marked on your 3D world map.
The full interview can be found at the RPG Vault site listed below.

RPG Vault: Minions of Mirth Interview Part 2
Prairie Games
Minions of Mirth

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