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Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Legion Arena Reviewed
7:33 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Armchair General recently posted a review of the PC version of Legion Arena, a role playing strategy game set in the time of the Romans. The game puts players in command of a small army which they must train to become a force powerful enough to defeat all opposition. Armchair General gave Legion Arena a score of 75%

From the review:

Once you have your army ready to fight, you proceed to the setup screen where you see the enemy deployment and†arrange your units in formations to counterpunch. Depending on the scenario, you may have to defend for a certain amount of time, attack and route the enemy as quickly as possible, or simply be the last man standing. The comparison to Chess (or maybe Archon) is natural because each unit has its strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield and how you deploy and use your men is the key to victory. Once the pieces are set in motion, it is up to you to control your often unwieldy army as it runs head-on into the foe†on the opposite end. This aspect of the game can be a lot of fun and even re-doing battles isnít as bad as you might think since they normally only take a few minutes of real-time†from start to finish.†
The Mac version of Legion Arena, in progress at Freeverse Software, has reached Alpha and should ship this Spring.

To read the entire review follow the link below.

Armchair General: Legion Arena Review
Legion Arena
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