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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Family Fun Pack 2 Reviewed
7:31 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

MacNN has posted a review of Feral Interactive's Family Fun Pack 2, a compilation offering Worms 3D, Rayman 3, Ghost Master, and the Children's Encyclopedia Britannica 2004 Edition. Worms 3D is the latest in the trajectory based strategy series, Rayman 3 is a cheerful cartoon based adventure game, and Ghost Master is a unique Sim style puzzle game which puts players in the ectoplasmic shoes of haunts intent on scaring humanity. MacNN gave the Family Fun Pack 4 out of 5 stars.

From the review:

In addition to digit dexterity, Worms 3D also requires a quick mind to recall where the enemy resides, to formulate strategies, and calculate trajectories, distances and crosswinds, which change from moment to moment. Worms 3D requires patience, because the computer players are expert marksman and make nearly impossible shots! Unfortunately, this ability easily frustrates new players in the first levels. Worms 3D is anything but simplistic.

Rayman 3:
Rayman 3 is as much a puzzle and strategy game as a 3D adventure. The increasing difficulty of the levels includes increasingly challenging puzzles. Each level has a goal and to perform these tasks, the player must figure out how to close a door to stop the retreating barrel that hides different items in each level. These puzzles are the true appeal and challenge of Rayman 3, while the cartoon finish, characters, and humor create an entertaining atmosphere. Children who can understand instructions will enjoy Rayman 3, as will their parents.

Ghost Master:
Ghost Master is more than a frightmare. It is also a logic and puzzle game. The objectives between hauntings vary. In some hauntings, the Ghost Master must release fettered spirits. Sometimes this release is simply scaring away a particular mortal. Sometimes this is considerably more difficult, like breaking a particular jar. In other hauntings, the Ghost Master must coax humans to move about the haunting or eliminate obstacles that hinder humans from taking a particular action to achieve the goals of that particular haunting. Questions like, what motivates the humans present, or what obstacles need removal and how is that accomplished, keep the game challenging and frightfully fun.

The full review can be found at MacNN's site, listed below.

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