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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Bannister to Retire Some Software
10:11 AM | Evan Holt | 1 comment

With Apple shifting their computer processors to Intel, Bannister is evaluating their software line and the future of their products. For emulation software, the shift to Universal Binaries can be tough.

It is with reluctance that I have decided to cease development of ROM Organizer, effective immediately. It has been on borrowed time for a while, given its status as a CFM application in the current world of Mach-O, and I have decided that the amount of work necessary to update it is more than I can give it. I'll see if I can bundle up a source code release for it when I have a bit of time so that anyone who truly cares about it can pick it up (the code will require CodeWarrior). I'll issue a refund on request to anyone who paid the shareware fee after January 1st this year; drop me an e-mail with your order number if you want to take up this offer.

As for my emulator projects, does anyone have a compelling reason for me to continue updating RockNES? Nestopia beats it all round as far as I can see. The RockNES code base will not build in Xcode without major work, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Along similar lines, I think it might be time to retire the Mac version of Generator, unless anyone has any major objections?

For more information or to download various great emulators visit Bannister using the link below.

Bannister Software

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