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Monday, March 13, 2006

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Magic Stones: The Ice Queen Expansion Pack Released
8:29 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Winter Wolves has announced another expansion pack for their hybrid role playing card game, Magic Stones. The expansion, titled The Ice Queen, includes two new avatars, several dangerous opponents, and a fresh quest featuring two possible endings. Numerous bug fixes and enhancements are also included with the expansion, which brings the game to version 1.1.7.

Here's a list of what the expansion offers:

· added new quest “The Ice Queen” that will introduce 2 new avatars, the Griffon and the Golden Giant. The quest has 2 different endings.
· changed damage system: now avatars will hit more often but they'll make less critical hits, to balance better the game
· changed Mannaz behaviour: now the spell replenish up to 25% of druid total mana, so if you cast it and you have already more than 25% of your total mana the spell has no effect.
· fixed an animation bug that wasn't showing the bonus/malus effect at beginning of round (even if they were correctly applied anyway)
· fixed Raido spell text typo, the spell lasts for the rest of the fight and not for 5 turns as was incorrectly stated in the manual
· added avatar experience levels: if you collect the same avatar stone in the gather artifact mode, every 10 stones collected the avatar will gain one level, increasing their attack and defence by level value, and hit points by level value multiplied by 5. That way even the weakest avatars can become very powerful if you spend much time in gather artifact.
The Ice Queen is available free of charge to registered owners of Magic Stones. For more information visit the Magic Stones web page at the link below.

Winter Wolves
Magic Stones

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Archives  News  Magic Stones: The Ice Queen Expansion Pack Released