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Friday, March 3, 2006

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Quake 4 Interview
7:16 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Planet Quake 4 chats with Donnie "SyncError" Domino, the community liason for id Software's games, particularly Quake 4. As the community liason, "SyncError" is responsible for collecting information on a game's problems, demand for new features, and community involvement through clans and mod teams. In this interview, "SyncError" discusses how he landed the job at id Software, community feedback, and other responsibilities of a community liason.

lanetQuake4: Since the release of the Quake4 1.1 Beta Patch, you have been bombarded with tons of comments and suggestions of what Quake4 should and should not be like. Have you found it hard to decide what ideas should be brought to the coder's desk?

SyncError: The feedback and participation from the community following the Quake 4 1.1 Beta Patch has been outstanding. With the vast majority of the suggestions being valid bug fixes there has been little need to do any sorting. Every suggestion that comes my way is organized into spreadsheets categorizing them as legacy bugs, new 1.1 beta bugs or community requested features. All items on the list are then discussed between myself, the company owners, designers and coders. Only recently this week have we began receiving large demands for features that are still often debated within the community itself. These features must be carefully considered by the community before we can seriously evaluate them.

Quake 4 is being published by Aspyr for Mac and will be released soon. Please click on the links below to read the interview and to learn more information.

Planet Quake 4: id Software's Community Liaison "SyncError"
Aspyr Media
Quake 4
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