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Thursday, October 26, 2000
New Centurions Public Test
4:23 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A helpful reader pointed out that Fantasoft has quietly posted a preview release (not a demo) of New Centurions, a sci-fi themed RPG with a classic look and interface. Not a Realmz sequel or expansion, Centurions is an all-new project by Tim Phillips, and will be a shareware release. No final date for release is given, and this preview is far from the complete game -- it has placeholder artwork and only three buildings. Here are the details from Fantasoft:

Fantasoft has released a Public Test of New Centurions! This test lets you
try out the character creation, upgrade and combat systems. Here
is your chance to chime in with your views now and maybe get
stuff changed before this game is finished.

New Centurions is an upcomming role playing game set in a
science fiction world. It will be similar to Realmz in style but
will have many new surpises as well.

This is a DEMO of several key systems in New Centurions. Keep in
mind the following things:

  • Much of the graphics you see are not final art but place
    holder art used until we get the finished art done.
  • Some items may not work as you think they should. If you find
    an item that does not work like it seems it should, copy the
    name down and e-mail me the name so I can check into it.

    The main goal of this DEMO is to get input from gamers on what
    they like and dislike about the following aspects of the game:

    Character Creation

    Character Upgrades

    Item Upgrades

    Item Manipulation

    Combat in general

    This DEMO has only three buildings. One to repair your
    equipment, one to repair and heal warriors and a WELL stocked

    When you enter the open area to the South East you will see a
    number of small pylons. Each has been scripted to send you into
    a combat situation. Each battle is tougher as you progress to
    the right and each can be repeated as many times as you like.

    A real interest of mine is to try and balance the cost in
    upgrade points for various attributes of your warriors. As you
    gain Victory Points you also gain Upgrade Points which you can
    spend to upgrade your warrior. Various attributes cost different
    amounts of Upgrade Points to raise and I need to get a feel for
    that a bit more. Give me your comments on this.

    Other than that, have fun with the battles and send your
    comments to Here is your chance to chime
    in and get things changed.

  • Be sure and grab this preview release and send Fantasoft your feedback. We expect yet another engrossing RPG, and can't wait to see the final product.

    Download New Centurions Preview Release (3.8 MB)
    New Centurions Web Site

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