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Thursday, October 26, 2000
Freeverse Carbonization Report
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Colin Smith of shareware publisher Freeverse Software has sent us a short update on this company's progress in 'Carbonizing' their games for Mac OS X, which is currently available in public beta form. Carbonization allows a game to run 'native' under Mac OS X, gaining the features (multitasking, stability) and interface (Aqua) of that OS while removing the need to launch the Classic environment. Here is Colin's report:

We've started carbonizing all of the 3D Card games, Burning Monkey Solitaire
and the HMS Freeverse game server itself. They're all on track to be
finished before Macworld San Francisco.

Last night we also conducted a stress-test of the HMS Freeverse to see what
would happen when we maxed out a room. Happily it worked like a charm,
putting up a "full" notice and automatically shuttling players to a new
room. Our thanks to all the players of Hearts, Spades, Puzzle Lab, and
especially the Cribbage Mafia, for helping us test this.

Finally, we have a working title for our new supersecret project...

ARCANE ARENA is progressing well, (but apart from the title, its still
supersecret ;-)

If you haven't tried their challenging and charming card games and their free online server HMS Freeverse, be sure and take this opportunity to do so. We congratulate Freeverse on their progress, and hope the trend of Carbon and native games for Mac OS X continues!

Freeverse Software

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