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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
SantaDuck Tools Updated
8:21 AM | Evan Holt | 1 comment

Macologist has released Santaduck Toolpak 3.0, their set of tools for Unreal Tournament 2004.

The installer app DropInstaller now correctly installs .upl and .ucl files
The retail and demo benchmarkers enable full rendering of shadows, and allows for the enabling or disabling of audio as well as graphics rendering (provides an indication of the CPU-limited processes)

Since full shadows have been enabled in the recent UT2004 v3369.2 patch, this benchmark is closer in representation to the PC benchmark tools than in the past.

The other tool applications remain unchanged from the previous release, and include tools for UMod extraction, UZ2 compression and decompression for online servers, and a cache cleaner.

Santaduck toolpak is an excellent tool to benchmark Unreal Tournament 2004 and has been used by Apple to provide their benchmarks in the past. Read more about the new release and download it using the link below.

Macologist: Santaduck Toolkit 3.0

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