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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Massive Nexuiz 1.5 Update Released
8:20 AM | Andy Largent | 5 comments

Nexuiz, the freeware first-person shooter, has received a large update to mark version 1.5 of the project. The release includes new game modes, engine speed optimizations, and new maps.

The team says this release is an attempt to correct any of people's initial bad experiences by providing speed improvements and a singleplayer mode. Here's a full breakdown of the new features:

- Many new gamemodes, new maps, new characters
- "Instant Action" button in menu
- Advanced Bot AI
- Redo of all the character skins (pant/shirt color like Quake1)
- Completely new menu
- Majority of sound effects redone
- Smoother netcode
- Engine optimizations
To download version 1.5 or get more information, head over to the Nexuiz site.


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Archives  News  Massive Nexuiz 1.5 Update Released