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Wednesday, October 25, 2000

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Elite Force Contest, Media Blitz
4:16 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Activision has an amazingly aggressive media campaign in store to promote their Star Trek shooter Voyager: Elite Force, with a media blitz that rivals the release hype generated around Diablo II or Quake 3 Arena. The game will be hyped via Web, print, television (an almost unheard-of extravagance for non-console games) and even as a movie trailer shown before popular Fall releases, in an aggressive tie-in between UPN, Paramount and other companies to promote Voyager's last season on television.

In addition to this promotion, Activision is running a sweepstakes with a grand prize package that promises to immortalize a Star Trek fan and three friends in an upcoming Trek-based title. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

Star Trek® fans now have the chance to be immortalized forever (along with three of their closest friends) in Activision, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) next Star Trek game when they enter the Star Trek: Voyager®: Elite Force™ Sweepstakes. Beginning now through December 31, 2000, gamers can log on to www.startrek.com or send in an entry to enter a random drawing to win a Grand Prize package that includes a trip for four to Hollywood, CA. The Grand Prize winner also will receive a cameo appearance in Activision's upcoming Star Trek game, along with walk-on roles in the game for three of his/her closest friends.

To support this exciting sweepstakes offer, Activision has joined forces with Paramount Pictures Television Group, and United Paramount Network (UPN) to cross-promote the sweepstakes creating a combined partner multi-million dollar advertising and promotion blitz. The sweepstakes message directs viewers to "Tune in to the Final Season of Star Trek: Voyager on UPN" and encourages consumers to enter the "galactic" sweepstakes. The joint advertising efforts of the three partners include:

National In-Theater Advertising – A Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Sweepstakes promotional spot will be seen by more than 13 million viewers in over 3500 theaters nationwide during the month of November, 2000.

TV Advertising – A nationwide broadcast TV campaign promoting the sweepstakes and "Final Season of Star Trek: Voyager on UPN" will air on UPN during the 4th Quarter, 2000.

Point of Purchase Materials – The Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Sweepstakes will be featured on a variety of in-store sweepstakes displays in participating retailers nationwide from mid-September through December.

On- and In-Pack Promotion – A special foldout sticker promoting the sweepstakes contest will be seen by consumers on each copy of the Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force game.

Internet Campaign – Activision and StarTrek.com will host banner ads on their web sites linking traffic directly to the sweepstakes page for sign-ups.

The grand prize random drawing will take place on, or around Monday, January 15, 2001.

Be sure and sign up for your chance to become a "red-shirted Ensign" in a future title. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force for the Mac OS is progressing extremely well and should be on shelves in November, published by Aspyr Media.

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