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Monday, June 26, 2000
Combat Mission Sells Out
1:57 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

No, Battlefront.com has not sold itself to Microsoft. The demand for their latest Mac/PC release has been so strong that the duplicators simply can't box copies fast enough! If only all software publishers supporting the Mac had this problem. Here are the details:

The good news from Battlefront.com is that demand for the company's new 3-D squad-level tactical simulation, Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, has been tremendous. The bad news is that demand has outstripped supply and Battlefront.com is temporarily sold out of Combat Mission!

"Gamers have rushed on board at five times the rate we expected, " says Stephen Grammont, President of the company. "We made what we thought were modestly optimistic projections and planned to have enough inventory for the better part of two months, but it lasted barely more than a week. Combat Mission has had much more crossover appeal than we figured it would."

Just days after Combat Mission's public launch over the Internet, it was clear to Battlefront's planners that orders were coming in much faster than anticipated, and a shortage was already looming. So a new print run - double the size of the original - was set into motion almost immediately. But despite putting the new run on the fast track, Battlefront's warehouse will be empty of Combat Mission for at least several days, perhaps as long as one week.

All existing orders have already been honored and shipped out, and Battlefront will continue to take orders for Combat Mission through the interim period. "We just wanted people to know what's going on," says Grammont, "so they can make an informed decision."

For more information on this excellent simulation of authentic battlefield-level World War II combat, make sure you check out IMG's preview, and download the demo from MacGameFiles. Combat Mission is for sale only at the Battlefront.com web site.

IMG's Combat Mission Preview
Combat Mission Demo at MGF

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