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Freeverse Heroes Of Might And Magic V Interviews
7:52 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Two new interviews with Freeverse Software about their upcoming port of Heroes of Might and Magic V are now available. The first comes from Macgamer and the second from the newly launched The Mac Centric: Heroes of Might and Magic V website.

From Mac Gamer:

What made the folks at Freeverse decide to go with this kind of title, when your history is so focused on in-house development of casual games?

Colin Smith: That's simple. We all *really* wanted to play this game! Each and every one of us in the Freeverse office loved the prior Heroes games. We figured there was only one way to make sure that Heroes of Might & Magic V made it to the Mac, and that was to do it ourselves.

We're still primarily a developer of original titles, but our publishing arm has expanded greatly in the last year with some top-notch apps like Sound Studio and Comic Life... adding a top-notch game to that roster makes perfect sense.
From Mac Centric:
The deals structuring past ports have often come up short on long term support. For example, no OSX version was ever released of HOMM3 despite its continuing popularity (and which will make it unplayable on the new IntelMacs), and the final version of HOMM4 didn’t reflect the final PC code. How does the deal for HOMM5 structure ongoing and long-term support issues?

Bruce Morrison: I think a lot of it comes down to 2 main issues. 1. Money 2. Lawyers. Obviously if nobody buys HOMMV, the chances of the expansion packs will be slim to none (but nobody should be mad as they never bought it).

Colin Smith: Freeverse is committed to supporting HOMMV to the best of our ability. We wont ship a buggy port, or allow Mac issues to linger without timely patches. Beyond that, we’ll try to bring as many of the Heroes assets to the Mac as we can, given the economics of the business. The fact that we’ll want to play any expansion packs as much as you guys do, should help that equation.

To read the full interviews follow the links below.

Macgamer: HoMMV Interview
The Mac Centric: HoMMV Interview
Freeverse (add to watch list)
Ubisoft (add to watch list)
Heroes of Might & Magic V (add to watch list)
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