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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Heroes Of Might And Magic V Previews
8:27 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Two new previews have surfaced for Ubisoft's upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V. HoMMV is the latest in the popular fantasy themed turn based strategy series. The first preview, from Celestial Heavens, looks specifically at content in the PC Beta version of the game. The second preview, from Eurogamer, explores the game through an interview with some of the game's designers at Nival.

From Celestial Heavens:

Combat . Expect some major changes, from a different turn-based system to a rather small battlefield, which is still the subject of a large debate. The camera close-up effect during an attack loses its novelty after a while, but it definitely adds some atmosphere to a battle. On more than one occasion I found myself swinging an imaginary sword in the air while my creature performed a killing move. I looked a little silly, but I loved it.
Spells and Skills . Again, some drastic changes. I cannot provide any specific detail yet, but I think Nival and Ubisoft realized how critical to the game those components are.
Multiplayer . This is one of the parts of the game that is still under construction. However, what little we could see of the new multiplayer modes was very intriguing. The ghost mode is different from anything you have experienced until now, both with Heroes and other computer games. Ubisoft and Nival are really serious about creating a game that will be popular online.
From Eurogamer:
Nival has also made number of important changes to the game. Many of these are designed to make it more accessible, as producer Fabrice Cambounet explains.

"The objective we decided on very early on was to stay true to the series, to keep the gameplay system, but also to make the game faster to play and easier to access. So that means a whole lot of changes in terms of interface, game balance, tutorials and so on."

But that doesn't mean the game has lost any of its depth, Cambounet argues. "The complexity of the game - the number of creatures and skills, and tactics you can use on the battlefield - are still present. But you don't spend as much time reading text, opening and closing pop-ups, moving around the battlefield... We don't want to make the game simpler, but easier to access."

Recently Freeverse Software announced it will be publishing the Mac version of HoMMV sometime after the release of the PC version. To read both previews in their entirety follow the links below.

Celestial Heavens: HoMMV PC Beta Examined
Heroes of Might & Magic V
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