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Thursday, January 19, 2006
DROD Games For Mac OS X
8:07 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Caravel Games recently announced Mac OS X versions of its DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death) series of games. The three games: King Dugan's Dungeons, Journey to Rooted Hold, and Perfection, follow the adventures of dungeon exterminator Beethro as he solves puzzles and battles his way to victory.

DROD: King Dugan's Adventures -
What happened to Beethro on his first excursion into King Dugan's Dungeon?  Well, mainly it was just the usual dungeon exterminator's subterranean grind: killing off thousands of roaches, chopping through tar, guzzling mimic potions, and generally ridding the King's underground chambers of all that should not be there.  But also Beethro met an unexpected enemy, created lifelong grudges against him, and learned secrets that would later motivate his journey to Rooted Hold

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold -
Swordplay and puzzles combine in this thinking man's dungeon crawl.  It's simple to learn, with just a handful of commands to master.  But the unique gameplay provides an amazing depth.  A detailed overhead view shows monsters, obstacles, and other game elements.  You have as much time as you like to contemplate your next move.  So this is a good game for relaxing, but also terrifically involving once you get started.  You'll be hooked by the story of Beethro and his troublesome nephew, Halph.  Our heroes set off on a harmless jaunt, but end up far below the surface, chased by a clownish madman.  They begin to uncover a vast, underground bureaucracy, and things only get stranger the further they delve.  You've got over 350 rooms ahead--each one a singular challenge for you to conquer.  A level editor, online features, and enthusiastic player community make this a game you can play for years.

DROD: Perfection
In Larry Murk's Perfection, the story continues immediately after the end of DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold.  Beethro comes upon a strange sect of evangelical dungeon architects called the Perfectionists.  These odd characters take math and geometry about as seriously as you can take it.  Eighth enthusiasts won't want to miss the events that take place.  To solve the puzzles in this hold, you'll need to be a bit of a Perfectionist yourself.  This is truly a difficult hold to complete, perhaps the most difficult ever?  Lock the door, unplug the phone, and set aside ten or a hundred hours to plow through this one.  You got some tough smiting ahead with 77 rooms to conquer.

Currently only Journey to Rooted Hold has a downloadable Mac demo. King Dugan's Adventures is available from the CaravelNet online service and a standalone demo should be available soon. Perfection is only available to members of CaravelNet.

To read more about the games and the perks for signing up for the CaravelNet service follow the links below.

DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon
DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold
DROD: Perfection
Caravel Games

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