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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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Civizilation IV Status
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The latest newsletter from Aspyr Media contains an interesting bit of information regarding the status of Civilization IV, that latest creation in Sid Meier's famous series. Here's the scoop:

Civ 4 has been an interesting project; it uses several external code libraries ("middleware") on the PC, all of which we had to find or build Mac versions of. For everything from graphics & networking to sound, video, and user interface, we've had to work out licenses and in some cases port library code to OS X. The reviews for Civ 4 on the PC continue to be incredible, so we are very excited about bringing such a great game to the Mac.
For more info, check out the newsletter now and stay tuned to IMG for the latest word from Macworld this week.

Aspyr's December Newsletter
Civilization IV
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