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Tuesday, October 24, 2000

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THQ/Volition Spotlight
11:41 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpy has posted a report on the recent press event held by THQ, publisher for Voltion. The event featured two highly-anticipated upcoming Mac titles, Summoner and Red Faction. While Summoner has been completed for the Playstation 2's launch later this week, the PC and Mac versions of the game will be released a few months later, and will be quite different. Here's an excerpt from their report with details:

Moving a lot faster than it did at E3, the PC version [of Summoner] is shaping up quite nicely. Visual fill-in issues from before are virtually non-existent now. People thinking this is a complete port of the PlayStation 2 version are in for some surprises. First of all, Summoner for the PC is going to be totally rendered in high-resolution. Also, there is going to be a multiplayer component as well. Although all of the logistics of the multiplayer is still being worked on, we still don't know how multiplayer is going to play out in Summoner.
Check out the article for much more on Red Faction as well, along with screen shots from both games. Red Faction should be released for Mac, PC and Playstation 2 early next Spring, while Summoner for Mac and PC should be out this Winter.

Red Faction Web Site
Summoner Web Site
GameSpy THQ Editor's Day
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