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Monday, October 23, 2000

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Baldur's Gate Issues, Crash Database
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Our affiliate site Mac Baldur has set up a new database for users to enter their feedback concerning the RPG Baldur's Gate. This may prove to be a good resource for sharing and resolving problems with this complex game. If you're experiencing instability with this game, check it out to see if someone with a similar setup is experiencing the same difficulty, and has found a solution. Though you need to create an account in order to enter your own info, it's not necessary just to view the current listings.

One bug many people seem to be finding is with the latest 1.02d2 final version of the game. Apparently, the title occasionally freezes during the "rest" movie. This can be worked around by returning to the Finder with the Command-Tab combination, or by switching the game to Windowed mode temporarily. We'll get in touch with GraphSim and inquire as to whether this is a known bug that might be resolved soon.

It should also be noted that there are 'two' versions of the 1.02 patch. The first, which many may have downloaded in the first hours of its announcement, was an installer program. A second, corrected version called 1.02d2 final is simply an application you place in the Baldur's Gate folder. This latter application should provide significant speed improvements for those who notice the game is a bit 'pokey' on their machines. Be sure you've grabbed the correct version at Macgamefiles GraphSim Web Site
Mac Baldur Web Site
Baldur's Gate 1.02d2 final (2MB)
Mac Baldur Crash Database
Baldur's Gate II
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