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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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Rave Reviews For Civilization IV
10:16 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Throughout the month of November Civilization IV, Firaxis' latest offering in the ever popular turn based strategy series, has received a number of favorable reviews. The following four stick with the trend of glowing praise for the game's implementation of old and new. Civ IV received a 10 out of 10 from To The Game, 5 out of 5 from The Bovine Conspiracy, 9 out of 10 from Hooked Gamers, and high marks in all categories from Next Level Gaming.

From the To The Game review:

Civilization 4 feels very different from its predecessors, even though it's very much the same (in a good way). The game has become a lot easier to learn for the casual gamer, and yet even more complex for the experienced Civ-player. They've kept what really makes Civilization such a great series, made some key features a whole lot better, and introduced some new and exiting concepts that will make sure the game will live on for many more years. And yes, it's still as addictive as it was back in 1991 when Civilization was born. If not even more!

Civilization IV is in short, game design at it's very finest. If this is not a 10, no game can be.
From The Bovine Conspiracy review:
Should you buy Civ IV? Hell yes. Itís an amazing game, which not only managed to improve on Civ III, but also managed to improve a lot on the earlier Civ games. Considering these games are in most gamersí Top 10 lists, thatís not an easy undertaking. I have no doubt in my mind that this game will be on those same Top 10 lists in a couple of years. If you have played the previous Civ games, you need to check out this new and definitely improved version of the game you love. If you have never played a previous Civ games, this new game is easy enough to get into, due to a good tutorial and the graphics that are definitely nice to look at. Itís a game thatís deep enough that itíll take you quite some time to master though. And if none of the arguments I have presented in this review can convince you that you need to buy Civ IV, let my final argument persuade†you. In this age of skimpier and thinner manuals, Civ IV finally gives the gamers a manual again that they can use as a deadly projectile. Itís big, itís heavy and itís interesting to read.
From the Hooked Gamers review:
Being among the oldest and most loyal fans of the series it was difficult for me to embrace all the changes but after a while the game really started growing on me. Civilization IV is a true sequel to a fantastic franchise that will feel familiar but fresh and tantalizingly new to veterans and newcomers alike.
From the Next Level Gaming review:
My standard test is always, will I play this game once the review is over?† Yes, yes, and without a doubt in my mind yes.† This game is so much fun, it has my vote for ďStrategy Game of the YearĒ.† I just canít get enough of this game, I was giving up sleep to play more at night, was almost late for work more than once, and want to finish this review as fast as possible so I can get back to gaming.
A Mac version of Civ IV should be available sometime in early 2006 courtesy of the hardworking folks at Aspyr Media.

Several of the above reviews also include screenshots. To check them out follow the list of links below.

To The Game: Civ IV Review
The Bovine Conspiracy: Civ IV Review
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Civilization IV
Aspyr Media
Buy Civilization IV

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