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Friday, October 20, 2000
Raven Software Interviews
4:13 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Games.MacNN sat down to chat with Brian Pelletier, Project Leader at Raven Software. He talks about many aspects of the game, including original ideas they had for the game, trips to the Paramount studios and their experience with the Voyager cast members. Here, Brian talks about the modifications Raven made to the Quake 3 engine:

B.P. We've enhanced the engine in many ways. The Quake III engine was designed to be primarily a multiplayer game, so we've added a lot of the single player code for enemy AI, level transitions, saved games and dozens of other things that weren't present in the original code base. We've added a new menu system based on the Trek LCARS look that is fully interactive and quite cool. We've also added a new visual effects system to handle and enhance the visual splendor of the weapons and one of our biggest additions is the dynamic scripting system called ICARUS. ICARUS allows our editors to bring the characters in the game to life. Make them move, talk, do things, and also gives us the freedom to create interactive events. A few other additions include the CARCASS skeletal animation system, that compresses all the thousands of frames of animation into a very small file. LOD models, high resolution/32 bit textures and a variety of other enhancements, were also done but mostly we changed things to create the single player game.
In related news, SharkyGames features Raven's Project Administrator, Kenn Hoekstra, in their new column Get Personal. In an attempt to debunk the "gaming god" myth, Kenn talks about the road leading to his current position at Raven Software.

Elite Force is currently in development at Westlake Interactive and is scheduled for a Fall 2000 release.

Get Peronsal with Kenn Hoekstra
Brian Pelletier Interview at Games.MacNN

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