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Thursday, November 10, 2005

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Apple Features AGON and RHEM 2
7:59 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple recently featured AGON and RHEM 2, two lush puzzle adventure titles in the tradition of Myst. AGON, from Private Moon Studios, drops players into the role of a professor in England at the turn of the 20th century who must unravel the mystery of a collection of artifacts. RHEM 2, from Got Game Entertainment, enlists players in aiding the brothers Zetais and Kales in their efforts to explore the rooms and tunnels beneath the world of RHEM they discovered in the first game.

From the AGON feature:

Professor Hunt finds his world turned upside down. Compelled to act, he decides to learn more about the mysterious artifacts in the museum. Solving that riddle, however, is merely the first step in a journey that will take him around the world, from the polar circle to Madasgascar, to the Spanish city of Toledo and beyond. In fact, the professor has been tasked with traveling to 12 corners of the world to complete his quest.

AGON is broken into chapters, with each installment available from the game’s Web site. Eventually, there will be 14 in all, each more difficult and challenging than the previous one. By the end, Professor Hunt will have, hopefully, not only discovered the lost board games but safely recovered them and brought them back to the museum for display.

From the RHEM 2 feature:
Brothers Zetais and Kales are back for this story. Kales has left you a message saying that he has left the caves, but the first of three parts of a key with Zetais. By finding the other two pieces, you can unlock a deeper part of the cave system, where a mysterious artifact lies hidden. Discover it and snap a photo to prove your achievement.

During your journey, you manipulate strange machines to solve the puzzles that unlock secrets and move you one step closer to your goal. Strange vehicles and odd devices offer assistance along the way. Take whatever help you can get, for no one wants to be lost in the caves beneath RHEM.

The feature also offers links to walkthroughs of RHEM 2 and the first three chapters of AGON. To read both articles follow the link below.

Apple: AGON And RHEM 2 Feature
Private Moon Studios

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