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Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Zymotic FPS in Dev, Based on Nexuiz
9:39 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Alientrap, otherwise known as the folks behind the freeware FPS Nexuiz, has noted that they've started development on a new project. Titled Zymotic, this FPS will use the same base engine as Nexuiz, with the objective being to create a non-linear shooter with plenty of action and less emphasis on cutscenes.

Alientrap adds that they're currently looking for artists and designers to help with the project:

We are also looking for any talented artists who would like to help with the project. We are currently looking for level designers with experience in Radiant (quake3/quake4/doom3), and any 3d artists with experience in normal mapping. You can e-mail here with your experience and some examples of your work.
In related news, the next update for Nexuiz is currently being worked on as well. Set at version 1.3, the update will include AI improvements, a new menu, and game mode changes.

Early screenshots of Zymotic can be found at Alientrap's site.


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Archives  News  Zymotic FPS in Dev, Based on Nexuiz