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Monday, November 7, 2005

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A Tale in the Desert Report
8:14 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story recently posted an article about A Tale in the Desert II, a non-violent co-operative multiplayer title. One of the few games of its type to offer a beginning and an ending, the ability of players to cooperate in building a series of monuments within a certain time limit determines a win or loss. In the article Andrew Tepper, one of the game's designers, talks a bit about the game and what is upcoming in Tale 3.

Another important aspect of Tale 3 will be reusable events. Throughout Tale 1 and 2 all events had to be triggered and compiled by hand. To rerun the same event, hours of coding would have to be checked and relearned. This meant less events than Tepper would have wished for, as events always brought in flocks of immigrants.

For Tale 3, Andrew is working on a control panel to configure and start events. For example, the control panel can be used to trigger different food festivals. Options in the control can decide what type of event it is: a mutton festival, a watermelon festival, a meat festival, a vegetable festival, etc. While this means that many of the events will have the same format, at least there will be more events! This tool will be usable by the event team.

For the entire article and more information about the game be sure to check out the links listed below. A Tale in the Desert II Update
A Tale in the Desert

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