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Thursday, October 19, 2000

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Neverwinter Nights Updates
7:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official Neverwinter Nights page has been updated by Bioware's producer Trent Oster, noting the game's current state. In case you're wondering, Neverwinter Nights is a massive 3D RPG that will allow you to play DM to others via the internet using the brand new 3rd edition AD&D rules.

It was known before that the game is moving towards beta soon, and the completion of Baldur's Gate II means there are now even more people focused on Neverwinter Nights. Here's a small clip from the update, discussing some programming advancements:

One of the most interesting additions to the Aurora Engine has been water. Our graphics programmers came up with a system for modeling water, creating very sharp looking pools and lakes with very little system overhead. Additionally, our collision detection system has undergone a massive reworking. The hit checking subsystem was the last bit of technology need for the game. From here on all the major questions have been answered and only implementation remains. The Linux, Beos, and Mac ports are coming along nicely and keeping pace with Windows version of the game. As well, the programmers have been hard at work on the game rules engine. There is still a large volume of work yet to support the 3rd Edition rules and all the combat and spell options we are planning. We are also hard at work assembling the huge array of GUI screens required by a D&D RPG. As a whole the programming tasks on NWN are massive and large in number. It is a credit to the talented and dedicated people who work here that we can develop such a large project.
It's great to hear that the Mac version is keeping pace with the game. In fact, much of the NWN team is actually developing on Mac, as noted in a visit from IMG's Tuncer Deniz a few weeks ago.

If you're looking to see a bit of Neverwinter Nights' action, Neverwinter Stratics has posted a new trailer for the game on their site. It's actually from the Baldur's Gate II CD and does a nice job of showing off the graphical effects in the game. It's a 14MB download, so grab it if you have the time.

IMG's going to be bringing you much more on Neverwinter Nights soon, so stay tuned. Assuming the beta progresses well this Winter, it could be out next Summer.

Neverwinter Nights Trailer at Stratics
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Neverwinter Nights
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