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Friday, October 14, 2005
DoomChronicles Updates to 2.1
9:05 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The DoomChronicles team has released a new patch for the DoomChronicles demo. Now at version 2.1, the patch adds four multiplayer maps and a new weapon: the sniper rifle. While the rifle currently uses the machine gun model as a placeholder, it is fully functional.

The new maps include Hopeless, a small arena, LostCause, which features caves and sniping locations, Roost, which is based off of a Soldier of Fortune 2 map, and SniperTest, which was originally used to test sniper rifles. Other changes include:

  • Controls for Alt-Fire and Fire-Mode can now be set in MP GUI
  • Zoom can now be set to be momentary or toggle through the MP GUI
  • Shotgun Alt-Fire has been limited in MP to 2 shots per clip, to stop spamming and lag
  • Shotgun fire in Double-Shot and Full-Auto mode may not be audible in MP if fired by another player.
  • Shotgun Pellet load has been changed to help with Lag in MP
  • Plasmagun clip size in MP has been increased to 50
  • Plasmagun shots may not be heard by other players at times
The full list of changes can be found at the DoomChronicles forum.

DoomChronicles is a mod that features squad-based combat using the Doom 3 engine. More info can be found at the official site.

DoomChronicles - DC Demo v2.1 Patch
DoomChronicles - Mac Standalone Installer
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Archives  News  DoomChronicles Updates to 2.1