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Wednesday, October 18, 2000
MacNN Adds Games
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MacNN has officially opened a new section of their site dedicated to games on the Mac. It is headed up by former MGL editor Trevor Covert and promises daily news and features. To help their opening, they have posted two new articles that might be of interest. The first is an interview with Michel Kripalani, CEO of Presto Studios, the company behind the upcoming sequel Myst III: Exile. It's a long chat covering many aspects of the game. Here's a clip about Exile's status:

How complete is the game at this point in development?

M.K. It's pretty far along. We're scheduled to be done in spring, so we've got all of the various ages up and running in different levels of completion in terms of graphics. The nice thing about having the technology done is that we're sort of able to put together the nodes and link them together and we can look at everything individually. I don't know how to give you a percentage in terms of saying "we're this far done", but obviously -- the script, the story, the puzzles -- everything has been designed. Pretty much all of the conceptual artwork [has been done]. Most all of the worlds are modeled and textured and we're at the point where we're kind of doing a lot of video compositing and we're getting a lot of final renders and we're really starting to put it together now in the engine.

Read through the rest of the chat if you're looking for info on this third in the amazing Myst series. The other new article is a Q&A session with Ritual's Mark Dochtermann about FAKK2.

And be sure to browse through the new MacNN site. It's always good news for Mac gamers to have another online resource available to them.

MacNN FAKK2 Interview
MacNN Myst 3 Interview
MacNN Games Site

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