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Wednesday, October 18, 2000

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Mac Baldur Interviews Duane Johnson
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Mac Baldur recently caught up with Duane Johnson, the programmer responsible for the upcoming Baldur's Gate multiplayer patch and the Mac port of the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. Duane previously worked with GraphSim on the Descent 3 port, and was recently brought on to help with the inordinate amount of work that can go into a port such as Baldur's Gate. Duane was kind enough to break away from his coding to give Mac Baldur an update on his progress. Here's a clip:

MB: How is Tales of the Sword Coast coming along? What has been the most challenging aspect of porting TotSC?

DJ: It's up & running. The "worst" aspect has been merging hundreds of changes that BioWare made to the base of Baldur's code with the hundreds of changes Rosetta made for the Mac port.

He also notes the multiplayer patch is being hindered by Microsoft's DirectPlay API, but should be out by the end of November. Visit Mac Baldur to read the rest of this short-but-sweet interview. Also check out IMG's own review of the game and beginners' guide if you want some great info on Baldur's Gate.

IMG Baldur's Gate Beginners' Guide
IMG Review of Baldur's Gate
Mac Baldur Interview with Duane Johnson
Baldur's Gate

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Archives  News  Mac Baldur Interviews Duane Johnson