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Thursday, October 6, 2005
Quake IV PC Goes Gold
9:18 AM | Blake Buck | 5 comments

Macologist recently posted that Quake IV for the PC has gone gold. Developed by Raven Software in cooperation with id Software, Quake IV is an intense futuristic first-person-shooter running on the Doom 3 engine developed by id. From the Macologist article:

id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead is somewhat excited about Quake IV's imminent release: "On October 18, Quake is dialling it up to 4.0 on the Richter Scale with this new chapter in Earth's war against the Strogg. Fusing an epic war-story driven single player campaign, and fast-paced Quake III Arena inspired multiplayer, Quake 4 delivers a gaming experience fans will be raving about for years."
For those out of the loop, when a game goes gold, that means the final copy of the game has been finished and shipped off to the factory for duplication.

Quake IV for the PC is currently slated for an October 18 release. While no Mac version has been announced, it's a fairly safe bet to assume Aspy Media will be making an announcement soon, has they have a long history with id and Raven.

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